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Diamond Web Sites

Israeli diamond companies and diamond jewelry companies are renowned worldwide for their high-quality goods. Jewelry from Israel is sold worldwide at leading jewelry stores and outlets. Israeli diamond companies and Israeli jewelry companies are easy to contact: Many Israeli diamond and diamond jewelry companies have user-friendly, cutting-edge websites where they display their merchandise, from loose diamonds and fancy colored diamonds to a wide range of diamond jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond earrings, diamond pendants and other wonderful jewelry from Israel.

If you are interested in jewelry from Israel - visit this section which showcases the wide range of quality wares offered by Israeli diamond and diamond jewelry companies and make new contacts today.
Jacob Babaev & Sons
Jacob Babaev & Sons are diamond manufacturers and exporters.
The company specializes in loose stones and offers a wide selection of certified diamonds (certified by GIA, IGI, and HRD) with an outstanding selection for quality and value.
Diamonds range in size from 0.30 points to 8.00 carats, colors from D to M, and flawless to I1 in all cuts and shapes.
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Saban Diamonds
"SABAN" provides its clients with a wide choice of fancy shaped diamonds, such as baguettes, emerald cuts, princess cuts as well as, and shapes and other special, custom-ordered cuts -- all cut according to precise dimensions.
provides also provides precision-cut diamonds to quality watch manufacturers, particularly in the reputable Swiss Watch industry.

Baguettes | Princesses | Emeralds | Tapers |
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Diamond Boutique Ltd
Diamond Boutique Ltd. specializes in high-end Fancy Shaped diamonds (Pear Shape, Heart Shape, Oval marquise and more) that are cut to maximize the beauty within
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Volcano Diamonds
Volcano Diamonds Ltd. presents an exclusive international platform for dynamic talented jewelry designers, with an outstanding creative spirit. Located in the heart of the Diamond Exchange complex in Ramat Gan, the diamond district of Israel, Volcano designs fine gemstone jewelry and sells directly to local and international clients, consumers and businesses alike
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Asherov Diamonds
Asherov Diamonds was established in 1975 and deals in white diamonds weighing 0.30-4.00 carats of clarity VVS to SI2.
Production focuses on round excellent stones and some fantasy diamonds.
Most of the diamonds are exported to Asherov's office in Hong Kong and California, while some are sold in the Israel Diamond Exchange.
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Diamonds by Turgeman
Diamonds by Turgeman. A one-of-a-kind collection. Inspired by nature. Crafted by man. Meet the man behind the collection. Mordechai Turgeman. Master designer.View the collection where each diamond is an exquisite, fascinating kaleidoscope of light, color, contour and shape.
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Seren Diamond
Seren Diamond ltd. – manufacturer and exporter of natural fancy color diamonds. Many years of experience in manufacturing of the rarest colors and shades such as red, green, blue and yellow. All size ranges available. Fancy color diamonds directly from the manufacturer!
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ICS Diamonds
ICS is a family business founded over 50 years ago. ICS manufactures high quality diamonds in round and fancy shapes from 0.50 points and up. All the diamonds are triple X, Hearts and Arrows, and certified by the GIA.
contact person: nurit sherman
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