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Diamond Web Sites

Israeli diamond companies and diamond jewelry companies are renowned worldwide for their high-quality goods. Jewelry from Israel is sold worldwide at leading jewelry stores and outlets. Israeli diamond companies and Israeli jewelry companies are easy to contact: Many Israeli diamond and diamond jewelry companies have user-friendly, cutting-edge websites where they display their merchandise, from loose diamonds and fancy colored diamonds to a wide range of diamond jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond earrings, diamond pendants and other wonderful jewelry from Israel.

If you are interested in jewelry from Israel - visit this section which showcases the wide range of quality wares offered by Israeli diamond and diamond jewelry companies and make new contacts today.
Jacob Fogel Diamonds
Manufacturer and exporter of diamonds of Excellent Polish.
Member of the Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan.
Provides advice in buying diamonds for jewelry and investment purposes.
Meital Elkayam
Meital Elkayam is a luxury jewelry designer and a graduate of the jewelry design department of Shenkar. Meital designs leading collections for large diamond jewelry companies, as well as individual designs according to a client’s requirements using sophisticated design software.
In 2010, Meital won the Emerging Designer prize in the Centurion Show in the United States.

Facebook Page: ttp://
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VMK Diamonds
VMK Diamonds is a well renowned Manufacturer and Exporter of Fancy
Diamonds and a proud member of the Diamond Exchange in Israel, supplying high quality diamonds to top leading companies in the United States, The Far East and Europe. Our main offices are Located at The Diamond Exchange in Ramat-Gan Israel.

We primarily manufacturer of fancy shapes, among them matching pairs such as: trapezoids, half moons, shields, trillions, pear shapes, and cushions. Layouts such as: Emeralds, princess cut, Asher cuts and carr'e.

We deal with white diamonds in colors from D to J and clarity From Flawless to SI3 and in sizes from 0.03 carat up to 3.00 carat.
We Deal as well with fancy color diamonds in all fancy shapes.

Our company proudly achieves perfection in customer service.
Our customers are our diamonds we serve them all as D flawless.

We Hope to satisfy your requests and look forward doing business with you in the future.


Diamond Exchange Maccabi Bldg.
Suite 1451, 1 Jabutinsky St.
Ramat-Gan, 52521 Israel
Tel: +972-3-751-2756
Fax: +972-3-751-2802
Int: 23444

President: Mr. Mishael Vardi
ISR Cell: +972-54-397-7707
Int: 7-7707
Honk Kong Cell: +852-9097-4749

Sales Manager & U.S.A. Rep.: Mr. Kutie Allouche
USA Cell: +1-646-416-1515
ISR Cell: +972-54-597-2019

Mazal U'bracha
VMK Diamonds LTD
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Roffe Diamonds
Roffe Diamonds is a member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange over 35 years and very well connected in the Israeli diamond market. We manufacture in our factory in Israel, a wide variety of diamonds. We can supply all type of goods in all sizes.
Goods we don't have in our stock, we buy directly from the manufacturers, so we can offer you more accurate sorting at very convenient prices and we can assure you the best service you can find.
We save you time and money, by being your buying agent in the Israeli Diamond Market. Separate department is specialized in cutting diamonds by measurements according to customer's specifications.
The best watch companies in Swiss enjoy our services for their most elegant diamonds watches. By this knowledge we developed our brand name patent – "Octava Line". The uniqueness of our "Octava" is that by nine separated stones we create an illusion of one big stone at very cheap price. We can assure you that you never saw such a beautiful look as our "Octava Heads".
We have a wide jewelry line set with our "Octava" heads, or we can supply to you only the heads for your designed jewelry. We invite you to add your company to our satisfied customers. You are kindly invited to call, e-mail or fax us at any time.
Moti & Tsahi Roffe
Roffe – Diamonds and Jewelry
TEL. 00-972-3-5756670, FAX. 00-972-3-6130151, E-mail:
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Moti Israeli Diamonds
Moti Israeli Diamond, manufacturers high quality, custom-made diamonds, combining traditional craftsmanship and modern creativity.
Located in the heart of the Israel Diamond Exchange, services clients in Israel and the U.S.A. meeting the highest standards of sawing and polishing.
We specialize exporting a variety of cuts: our stock includes round stones, as well as Princes, Emerald, and Oval stones in white color and high purity, ranging from 0.80 points to 2.50 Carats.
Headed by Moti Israeli do it’s utmost to meet its client’s specific needs. Being a second – generation, family own business: we are committed to efficient, fast and reliable service. Dependability and reliability are the cornerstones of our business, and our long lasting relationship with our clients are evident of our commitment.

Moti Israeli Diamonds
23 Tuval Street.
Ramat-Gan, 52522. Israel.
Fax: 972 3 5758013
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MiaMor Diamonds
MiaMor Diamonds was founded in 2003 in Australia. After founder Romi Michaeli returned to Israel, he opened MiaMor Diamonds Israel, and the Australian company was renamed MiaMor Diamonds Australia.

The company provides top-quality diamonds in all sizes through the use of a special service. Romi Michaeli explains: "I pre-sort the diamonds a customer buys by size. This way, the costumer receives merchandise tailored to his exact needs. As a result, there is no waste, and the costumer is not forced to buy inventory he does not need. In these hard times, this service takes on considerable importance because it is cost-effective. In addition, the company offers diamonds in Layout in an effort to meet the costumer's exact needs."

Worthy of mention is the fact that almost all of the stones are accompanied by GIA certificates, which testify to their high quality. Michaeli adds: "We only work with luxury jewelry retailers. The Israeli company supplies diamonds that are bought in Israel to the Australian company, which in turn supplies the diamonds to manufacturing stores there."

In the past, the Australian diamond market was flourishing, but just like the rest of the world, the Australian consumer is not keen on buying diamonds these days. Michaeli adds some background: "in general, the Australian consumer is pretty conservative. Unlike the American consumer, only a minority there goes for the larger diamonds. The popular sizes range between fifty points and two carats."

Michaeli is very familiar with the Far-Eastern markets in addition to the Australian and New Zealand markets, and is looking to expand his costumer base.

These days the company is upgrading its website, which will serve as a key marketing tool in the future.

Visit the website at
To contact the company:

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Lady Diamonds
The Founder : ASI ABIR
ASI ABIR Manufacturer diamonds and producer of unusual pieces of jewelry, started his way 1998, After falling love with the wonders of gemstones and diamonds.
He specializing Natural Fancy Colors Diamonds.
ASI ABIR make amazing Jewllery with mix Fancy Colors Diamonds, check my web site.
For three year he learned about the rough stone in the manufacture. He polished diamonds and turn them from rough stone to bright diamonds with fire and excellent symmetry .
At 2002 he became a member of the diamonds& gemstones club in Israel.
Since then he is buying rough stones from Antwerp Belgium polished them in Israel and selling them all around the world.

My Jewllery is One of a KIND .
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Kristal Diamonds
Kristal Diamonds was established in 1983 and is a family business. The company deals in the manufacture and trading of diamonds of all sizes, shapes and colors as well as colored diamonds. The company designs diamond jewelry and other jewelry according to customer requirements. The jewelry is designed with the most advanced design technology and is of exceptional quality.
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