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Diamond Web Sites

Israeli diamond companies and diamond jewelry companies are renowned worldwide for their high-quality goods. Jewelry from Israel is sold worldwide at leading jewelry stores and outlets. Israeli diamond companies and Israeli jewelry companies are easy to contact: Many Israeli diamond and diamond jewelry companies have user-friendly, cutting-edge websites where they display their merchandise, from loose diamonds and fancy colored diamonds to a wide range of diamond jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond earrings, diamond pendants and other wonderful jewelry from Israel.

If you are interested in jewelry from Israel - visit this section which showcases the wide range of quality wares offered by Israeli diamond and diamond jewelry companies and make new contacts today.
Israel Diamond Center
Experience of more than 50 years in diamond polishing, trading and jewelry design have fashioned the – IDC House of Diamonds, established at the heart of the Israel Diamond Exchange by the Tavisal family.

It is impossible to miss the grand entrance to IDC House of Diamonds opposite the main entrance to the Macabi Building at the center of the diamond exchange in Ramat Gan, the hub of Israel’s diamond industry and one of the most important diamond centers in the world.

IDC House of Diamonds is engaged in the manufacture and international trade of diamonds and diamond jewelry and is supported by a worldwide chain of offices and representatives. All IDC agents and staff provide highly personalized and professional service to earn the privilege of supplying the world’s most exclusive jewelry shops.

Avi Tavisal is the founder and visionary of IDC and a member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange since 1978. A skilled professional and reputable diamond merchant, he specializes in the full range of craftsmanship, from polishing rough diamonds to setting them in fine jewelry designed in-house. Distinguishing his craft, Avi Tavisal, with the help of his talented staff, is among the very few Israeli diamond specialists who have innovated aesthetic possibilities for diamond enhancement and processing , thus offering IDC’s customers an even greater selection of jewelry from which to choose.

The Company employs the latest technology in the manufacture of its jewelry collections, providing a significant cost and quality advantages. IDC’s exacting quality standards, backed by the Israel Institution of Standards seal, has earned the Company a worldwide reputation, proudly warranting its own seal of quality – the IDC logo.

A dealer at the Israel Diamond Exchange, IDC is certified by the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) as a trader of diamonds whose origins have been ascertained.

Israel Diamond Center is proud to operate the first and largest showroom of its kind, owned by a diamond merchant, providing the opportunity for customers to buy certified diamonds and set diamond jewelry directly from the source. IDC boasts one of the largest collections of loose diamonds and ready-to-wear diamond jewelry in Israel.

All of IDC’s products are certified with a quality certificate that includes the product’s photograph and quotes all product specifications.

For more information, please contact your front desk or call 03-575-7979.
1 Jabotinsky Street, Ramat Gan 52520
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Gem Art
Gem Art offers standard-size gemstones in large quantities as well as unique, single gemstone upon demand.
Gem Art is a company that manufactures, supplies and trades in diamonds and colored gemstones. We supply diamonds and gemstones to the most exclusive clients in the biggest trading centers worldwide.
Gem Art owners are strongly rooted in the industry for over four decades And have gained an impeccable reputation of highly skilled merchants.
Avi Meirom – who is the president of the company - is an active member of the international diamond and gemstone community, and served as a member of the board of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses WFDB) as well as the International Colored Gemstones Association (ICA) and is an ICA Founding Member.
As a diamond and gemstone cutting company we purchase our rough directly from the mines and by that we assure our clients a constant supply of our high quality products.
We assure our clients the most competitive prices, precision and efficiency as required of a first class gemstone company.
Diamonds: 1to 5 carats
Shape: Round, Cushion, Princess, Oval
Color: D – K
Clarity: VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, SI3
Certification: GIA/EGL

Gemstones: Tanzanite, Blue Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, Fancy Sapphire, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Tsavorite, Rhodolite, Chrome Tourmaline, Blue color change Garnet, Peridot, Ruby and Emerald.

Contact info:

Tel: +972 3 612 7999
Fax: +972 3 612 8017
USA 1 866 9 GEM ART
Address: 1 Jabutinsky st.
Maccabi bldg. Suite 1255
Ramat Gan, 52520 Israel
Contact name: Ori Meirom

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G. S. Diamonds
The Perfect Match for You

G. S. Diamonds is a veteran diamond company which was founded in 1980. The company’s expertise lies in the manufacturing of perfect matched diamond pairs in various shapes through the use of cutting-edge technologies in sophisticated computer programs and laser.
The company is presently manufacture fancy shaped pairs such as bullets, trapezoids, shields, kites, half moon and more. Among other cuts, the company manufactures the Step Cut, the Brilliant Cut and its own outstanding special cut brand known as the ‘GS Cut.’”
The company deals in all qualities of diamonds when it comes to color
and clarity, including shapes such as round, princess-cut, baguette and taper. It focuses mainly in sizes ranging from total weights of half a carat to three carats.
G.S. Diamonds can supply repeated orders with the utmost precision according to the customer's specifications within a short period of time at very competitive prices. The company is able to create a "twin" diamond to any client's supplied sample, thus helping him to close a sale. The company also provides Princess, baguette and taper shapes according to specified dimensions and layout.
To contact the company:
Toll Free Num. 1-888-295-0130
Tel: (011) 972-3-5752727
Fax: (011) 972-3-5752677
LA Tel: +1 213- 2156811
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Fourever Concept
The Fourever Concept combines several special aspects which together contribute to the creation of a superior and outstanding piece of jewelry at a surprisingly affordable price.
Skilled and meticulous craftsmanship is invested in the special cut called the Fourever Concept. All of the work is carried out at our factory in Ramat Gan, from the cutting, setting and crafting to the casting and finish. As the concept is based on the invisible setting of identical stones, maximum
precision is a necessity.
We use Fancy Shapes like baguettes, trapezoids and tapers, and incorporate them in traditional motifs - round, drop, heart, oval and marquise shapes – as well as in more unusual shapes such as flowers and interesting geometrical shapes, all with invisible settings.
The use of smaller diamonds in the invisible setting provides a significant advantage, particularly in these turbulent times: The unique piece of jewelry is sold for a price that is 40-70% lower than a similar piece of jewelry embedded with large diamonds. And the effect is very impressive.
The company’s jewelry pieces are sold under the Fourever Concept brand and logo but also to jewelry chains which prefer to sell the jewelry under their own name.
Thank you and best regards,
Yuval Harary
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Every Diam
Every Diam is a family business. We specialize in manufacturing large high-quality diamonds for over 30 years. Moreover our family has earned a flawless reputation in every facet of the diamonds industry.

Our specialty is in: Emerald Cut, Asscher Cut, Radiant and Cushion. In addition we manufacture Fantasy shapes; such as, Pear-Shape, Heart-Shape, Oval and Marquise. We also provide custom-made, special diamonds -according to the request of the customer.
We export goods to America, Europe and East Asia.

Business type - Manufacture and export diamonds.

Brief contact information
phone: (972) 3-5759135
fax: (972) 3-5759135
1 Jabotinsky, Macaby building, 13 Floor
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Dor Diamonds
Dor Diamonds (S.E. Vogel) Ltd. was established in 1987. Manufacturing and supplying High End Diamonds to various customers across the globe (U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Japan, Ireland).
Products: 0.50ct+ GIA/HRD/IGI, Flawless to SI2 (IF,VVS1,VVS2,VS1,VS2,SI1,SI2)
Round and Fancy Cut (Princess,Asscher,Pear,Marquise,Cushion)
D-K color and Fancy Colored Diamond Especially Fancy Pink Diamond
All Natural & All High End!
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Amtalai Diamonds
Amtalai Diamonds is a leading diamond company with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry.The inventory is GIA and EGL certified and we guarantee best quality diamonds at the best available prices. The group heads an additional venture called ‘Earstuds USA,’ which specializes in the manufacturing and sale of diamond stud earrings.
Gabriel Arbov
Phone contact 972-54-345-5900
Fax 972-3-575-7405
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Appelbaum Diamonds
Appelbaum Diamonds is a well known manufacturer in Israel. Appelbaum Diamonds owns 2 factories in which we cut and polish mainly fancy shapes, such as pear shape, marquise, oval, heart shape, emerald, princess etc.
We polish all white color from D up to K color and VVS till I1 clarity. Appelbaum Diamonds is a family business that considers each and every client as a client no matter the size of the order. We set the diamonds into matching pairs, layouts, 3 stones ring or parcels.

Please fill free to contact us 24/7 365 days thru mail, phone, or visit.
Fax- 972-3-6134032
Mail -
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