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Foreign Relations


 Israel Flag

Israeli foreign policy is chiefly influenced by Israel's strategic situation, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the country’s rejection by most of the Arab nations. The goals of Israeli policy are therefore to overcome diplomatic and commercial isolation as well as to achieve recognition and neighborly relations with as many countries as possible. Like many other nations, Israel has simultaneously practiced overt and covert diplomacy to further its goals. 


Israel has engaged in military procurement, the export of arms and military assistance, intelligence cooperation with its allies, commercial trade and the import of strategic raw materials. It has also engaged in POW exchanges and other negotiations for hostage releases with hostile Islamic organizations. Israel has also sought to encourage Jewish immigration to the country in addition to protecting vulnerable Jewish communities around the world. 


Israel joined the United Nations in 1949 and has diplomatic ties with 162 foreign countries. One of the country’s top priorities is to bring an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict and promote commercial and cultural exchanges with additional nations. 

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