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Government Offices


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The Knesset

As the capital of the State of Israel, Jerusalem is home to the majority of ministerial offices and branches of government. The well-known Knesset Building is an integral part of Jerusalem’s skyline alongside the newly built Supreme Court, as well as the Presidential Residence and the Prime Minister's Residence.


Three government ministries are located in Tel-Aviv: The Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Development of the Negev and Galilee, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


Here are two recommended links to websites of governmental offices which offer a wealth of vital information:


These websites, which are available in English, Hebrew and Arabic provide comprehensive indexes of all government offices including addresses, fax and telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses.


Government agencies and their branches are open during regular office hours from Sunday thru Thursday, with the exception of Jewish and Israeli national holidays. All government institutions strictly observe the Sabbath and cease operations from Friday afternoon until late Saturday night, coinciding with candle lighting times.


Of special interest to businessmen is the Ministry of Economy, located in Jerusalem. The ministry's website features valuable information concerning investment opportunities, international trade and cooperation. The Ministry of Economy also supplies information on labor laws, economic forecasts and financial analysis. The website is accessible in several languages:  English, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian.


To visit the website:


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