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Michael Paul Gollmer  Enlarge
Bahai Shrine in Haifa overlooking the port

The State of Israel is often referred to as the Jewish State or the Jewish Homeland.  Just over 75.5% of the country's population is Jewish with 72% considered to be traditional or Orthodox, 20% secular and 8% ultra-Orthodox.  The largest religious minority is Muslim, making up more than 16% of Israel's population. 

Many other religious minorities constitute the remaining 8.5%: Druze, Christian, Buddhists and Hindus. The city of Jerusalem is a spiritual center for Jews, Muslims and Christians alike. The Bahai faith is represented by an administrative center and temple in Haifa.

As Israel is blessed with such a diversity of faiths and beliefs, pilgrims from all religious denominations flock here to visit holy shrines and sites.  


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