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Science and Technology

The percentage of Israelis currently engaged in scientific and technological research, and the allocated funding for R&D vis-a-vis Israel's GDP, are among the highest in the world. Bi-national research foundations play a pivotal role in a broad range of areas, from basic research to industrial development and marketing.

Israel is widely acknowledged for its large pool of qualified personnel which is responsible for its scientific and technological achievements. More than 80% of publishable research material from Israeli sources is produced in Israel's universities. The vast number of patents listed by the universities is indicative of the ongoing cooperation between Israel's academic institutes and the industrial sector. The establishment of science and technological industrial parks in proximity to university campuses has met with great commercial success. Many of the universities operate "spin-off" industries which commercially market specific products based on their research and development, often through the formation of partnerships between foreign or local industrial concerns and the universities. 

Biotechnology and clinical research contribute to over half of all of Israel's scientific publications. Industrial R&D is focused on electronics and is carried out by a small number of large firms. These are a primary source of industrial employment and exports. A large extent of R&DI is conducted in the fields of communications applications, satellite aeronautics and alternative energy.

One of the world's leaders in agricultural research, Israel has a long history of achievements in developing water-conservation systems, scientific dairy breeding and innumerable bio-agriculture advancements. Its alternative energy industry, solar energy in particular, has attained a world-wide reputation for producing innovative and state-of the-art energy facilities which encompass wind and thermal energy processes as well as solar applications.

More information concerning Israel's Science and Technology institutions can be found at:

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