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 Israeli flag

There are two official languages in Israel: Hebrew and Arabic. These languages are taught in elementary and secondary schools and all official publications are printed in at least these two languages. English is considered a semi-official language in Israel and is taught in all the schools. It is used extensively throughout the country. All road signs appear in Hebrew, Arabic and English, as well as notices regarding public transport facilities. 


It is widely accepted that there are 33 different languages and dialects spoken in Israel. Due to its long history and large waves of new immigrants from all over the world, several other languages are commonly heard, for example Russian, French, Spanish and Amharic (Ethiopian).


Modern Hebrew emerged in the late 19th century, the revived version of Ancient Hebrew spoken in the Land of Israel over 2000 years ago. With the resuscitation of the Hebrew language, Israeli citizens are able to communicate more effectively with each other. Considering the population’s diversification, the development of a common language was imperative. 

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