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Israel takes pride in its over 17,446 km of roads, of which at least 144 km are expressways. The network of roadways spans the entire country and includes Route 6, which is a modern toll expressway.

Public transportation includes a well developed bus system, which makes up the main form of public transport. The Egged Bus Cooperative is the second largest bus company in the world. Metropolitan bus service is provided in major cities by local bus companies.

Taxi service is available in two forms; the shared taxi known as a ‘Sherut’ and the usual metered cab service. 

The railway transportation service is easily accessible and it stretches the length of the country as well as reaching Jerusalem in the east, and the international Ben-Gurion Airport. There are two light-rail systems under construction, one in Tel-Aviv and another in Jerusalem. In Haifa there is the Carmelit, the world's shortest subway line, which runs from the shoreline and port area up through the city and the upper district of Hadar and Carmel

International airports are located in Tel-Aviv and Ovda in the Negev. Domestic air travel is available from Haifa, the Galilee, Eilat, Be'er Sheva, Herzliya, the Yizrael Valley (Megiddo) and Jerusalem.


Limousine and mini-van services are available at airports and major hotels. Private limousine companies are quite numerous and mainly serve metropolitan areas. Rental cars can be picked up at Ben-Gurion Airport and can often be returned at various convenient locations around the country.   


Useful Websites

Israel Airports Authority

Buses: Dan and Egged


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