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An Opportunity Not to Be Missed

There are just a few times in a person's life that he gets an opportunity that definitely shouldn't be missed. We had such a chance in 2009 and we couldn't take advantage of it. Now it has returned. 2014 could be the turning point for the Israeli diamond industry. Let's not let the rare moment pass us by, never to return again

A Quantum Leap in Thinking

The way we think about financing the diamond business must shift from the traditional framework to the view to the future and broad perspective ...

The Exchange Rate and Diamonds

The global economic crisis actually benefited the diamond, which proved itself a long-distance runner that knows how to keep its breathing steady.

Dispersing the Fog Around Insolvency

In this article we try to disperse some of the fog around the notion of insolvency of countries, financial institutions, public companies ...

Strategic Rethinking of Industry Financing

The first and most basic element of the Israeli diamond industry that requires profound ...

Doing Business in Israel


Israel’s Economic Highlights for the 2nd Quarter 2010

Israel’s Economic Highlights for the 2nd Quarter 2010, created by the International Affairs Department of the Ministry of Finance of the State ...

Avi Paz: Rough Import as Collateral for Increased Bank Credit

The credit currently extended to Israeli diamantaires totals at about 1.4 billion dollars - 40% less than the credit level in September 2008. ...
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