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“U.S. Gov’t Guarantees Loans to Diamond Manufacturers”

New OPIC Approved Lending Criteria

Graff Presents: How Do You Turn a 299-carat rough into a Stunning 132.55-carat Diamond?

The cutting and polishing of every rough stone – especially a carat-heavy, exceptional one – is a long, complex and delicate process. When ...

2015 Global Diamond Production: Up in Carats; Down in Value

Global diamond production in 2015, at 127,399,362.81 carats to the value of US$13,881,626,083 according to statistics from the Kimberley Process ...

Demand for Diamond Jewelry Expected to Grow Annually by up to 4% Until 2025

Demand for diamond jewelry is expected to see annual growth of between 2% and 4% until the year 2025 according to an Alrosa report. The diamond ...

Synthetic Diamonds? Let’s Produce and Market Them

Does the title of this article irritate you? Does it anger you? Is it too unconventional? Let’s take a few minutes to listen to Eran Steinmetz’s ...

2015: Producers Lost Leverage over Clients – Forever

The midstream sector of the diamond value chain – those who convert the rough into polished – “rebelled” in 2015. They did so after suffering ...

Consumers in Which U.S. State Seek the Best Quality Diamonds?

A new report, published by WP Diamonds, ranks the diamonds and jewelry Americans own and provides insights on value, quality and style by ...

Get to know Tweezar: The Latest Gadget in the Diamond Industry

The need to produce high-quality images of diamonds easily, on the go and on a budget gave birth to Tweezar – a device that scans diamonds ...
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