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Valentine’s Day Looks Promising for Diamond Sales

Despite storms and snowy weather plaguing the United States in the period leading up to Valentine’s Day in 2014, American jewelry companies ...

Diamonds are a Marketer’s Best Friend


WDC ‘Privatized’ – Now Represents Main Producers and Retailers

The members select a board. The president is elected by the board. The commercial interests driving the new board agenda are set by a few

2013 Diamond Pipeline: Lackluster with Few Sparkles

Outwardly, the annual 2013 diamond pipeline looks similar to the preceding year: the rough supplies into the value chain totaled $15.56 billion ...

Transparency Will Lead Us to a Better Today

Transparency in our operations cannot be postponed. It's not a plan for tomorrow morning, but for the day before yesterday. If you're not on board yet, you really need to hurry up. Now that we are subject to strict regulatory requirements, including the stringent demands of the Basel Accords, it's a no-brainer. If you want financing - in fact, if you want your business to live - you have to adapt to reality. And the sooner the better. It's not a cliche - it's the imperative of the moment

To Be in Or Out - Decision Time Has Arrived

by Moti Ganz, Chairman, Israel Diamond Institute The Israeli diamond industry has to take a good look at the processes underway on the international ...

Exchange President-Elect -Shmuel Schnitzer: Three Main Goals by Shira Ami

Drawing on his rich experience as Exchange president (1998-2005) and in other high-ranking public offices in the Israeli ...

How to Choose your Wedding Day Jewelry

Like the dressmaker, a jeweler can create and express any style our bride wants to share with her excited guests
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