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Get to know Tweezar: The Latest Gadget in the Diamond Industry

The need to produce high-quality images of diamonds easily, on the go and on a budget gave birth to Tweezar – a device that scans diamonds ...

Carrying the Banner of Transparency

Transparency is the key - that's the message of IsDMA president - Kobi Korn, as expressed in his address to the prime minister -Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, who hosted a delegation of Exchange and Manufacturers Association presidents in his office in Jerusalem.

Not that Rare: 4 Diamond Myths Busted

Like any other high-end commodity, diamonds have spawned some legends and myths which, oftentimes, have been more a result of brilliant

“We Didn't See. We Didn't Hear. We Just Talked”

Moti Ganz - Chairman, Israel Diamond Institute The guide to the 21st-century traveler was written in our presence, in front of our eyes, ...

The Year the Industry Lost Confidence in Its Future

The entire diamond pipeline – from rough to retail – ultimately constitutes one single supply chain. Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link

Top 10 Most Expensive Diamonds in the World

De Beers’ brilliant “diamonds are forever” slogan has been a big part of instilling the value of “eternal life “of one of the most coveted

Diacam360 - The Tabletop Camera

“It’s small, it’s easy to operate, and it’s a patented device that photographs and creates a video of any stone up to 20 ...

The Moment of Truth

One thing is clear - the structure of the companies in the diamond industry will not remain the same
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