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Israel’s Diamond Controller Hoping for a Recover in the Second Half of 2012

The Israel Diamond Institute Portal is publishing an exclusive interview with Israel’s Diamond Controller Shmuel Mordechai The Israel Diamond Institute Portal is publishing an exclusive ...

GIA Comes to a Dynamic and Innovative Center

One of the world's most dynamic and innovative diamond manufacturing and trade centers - that's how GIA president and CEO, ...

The World's Leading Gemological Laboratory Comes to Israel

The opening of a GIA gemological laboratory in the Diamond Tower in the last quarter of 2011 will be a true day of celebration for the ...

How To Assess a Diamond's Gemological Certificate

At first glance, reading a gemological certificate can seem complicated and off-putting. But when you know how to read it, the gemological ...

Chaim Even-Zohar Holds Exclusive Interview with Diamond Trading Company CEO Varda Shine

“It’s High Time that Diamantaires Put Their Future in Most Trusted Hands: Their Own!” “This year we are going to see the greatest single ...

Too Much Sugar in the Tea

President of the International Diamond Manufacturers Association, President of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association ...

Chaim Even-Zohar: De Beers' Next Strategic Choice: Auctions to Replace Sights?

The strategic significance of the De Beers management decision to open a Diamdel office in Dubai is being downplayed by Diamdel Chief Executive ...

Chaim Even-Zohar: A Clinically Dead KPCS Lingers on Feeble Life Support

Some 30 years ago, as a young diamond-trade journalist, I wrote an obituary for a diamond bourse president from the Far East, who had ...
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