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Gemstone Carving: Art from Art

Based on research by Ramat Gan Diamond Museum Curator Yehuda Kassif Enlarge Gemstone carving Gemstone carving is an art form ...

A 47th St. in Israel’s Diamond District

Iris Hortman Enlarge Yehuda Kassif There are many aspects to the expression "looking towards jewelry," a concept the Israeli diamond ...

Wanted: Another Parameter for Gemological Certification

Enlarge Avraham Eshed By Shira Ami "These stones are smiling," says founder and owner of Eshed Diam and Gemstar Avraham Eshed ...

Boaz Hirsch: “The Credibility of the Kimberley Process is the Most Important Asset we Have”

Sasson Tiram Enlarge Boaz Hirsch, Chair of the Kimberley Process for 2010 and Deputy Director General for Foreign Trade in Israel’s ...

The Israel Diamond Exchange is 'Happy'

A large shiny green sign greets those entering the Ramat Gan city engineer's floor of the municipality - "The Diamond Exchange is Happy!" ...

Chaim Even-Zohar: 'Kosher' Zimbabwean Diamond Exports in Industry's Best Interests

Diamond industry analyst Chaim Even-Zohar granted the Israel Diamond Institute an interview to discuss ...

The Impact of HPHT on a Diamond's Color

This article appeared in the HaYahalom magazine issue 197 in Hebrew. What is HPHT? Which diamonds can be subjected to it and what are ...

Are The Days of Frivolous Shopping Over?

Smart consumerism and frugal spending choices are trumping materialism among female shoppers – at least according to CitiBank Executive Vice ...
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