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Chaim Even-Zohar: 'Kosher' Zimbabwean Diamond Exports in Industry's Best Interests

Diamond industry analyst Chaim Even-Zohar granted the Israel Diamond Institute an interview to discuss ...

The Impact of HPHT on a Diamond's Color

This article appeared in the HaYahalom magazine issue 197 in Hebrew. What is HPHT? Which diamonds can be subjected to it and what are ...

Are The Days of Frivolous Shopping Over?

Smart consumerism and frugal spending choices are trumping materialism among female shoppers – at least according to CitiBank Executive Vice ...

Kimberley Process Intersessional Ends Without Agreement on Zimbabwe

Some two hundred delegates, representing Kimberley Process (KP) participants from over 40 member states as well as civil society and the diamond industry, congregated in the Dan Panorama Hotel in Tel Aviv last week for the KP intersessional meeting.

New British Reality Show Focuses on Production of Luxury Goods

A new British reality show by the BBC sees six young British consumers swap their luxury lives for the simple life in Africa and Asia - working ...

Cause for Optimism in the Last Quarter of the Year

A look at the annual figures for 2009, which indicate an overall downward trend, may be misleading. A closer analysis reveals encouraging ...

Design Students Introduce Interactive Jewelry

Third-year design students at Israel's prestigious Shenkar College of Engineering and Design have created a unique line of interactive jewelry, ...

Israel Leads the Kimberley Process

Hayahalom spoke with director of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor's Foreign Trade Administration, Boaz ...
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