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Diamonds, Gems and Jewelry

First Diamond Jewelry Association Formed

First Diamond Jewelry Association Formed By Rachel Bezalel, Head of Jewelry in the Industry, Trade, and Labor Ministry Israel’s first ...

Three Notable Diamond Jewelry Trends in Israel in 2011

In the past, there were three main designs for diamond rings in Israel: solitaire diamond rings; three-stone diamond rings; or diamonds set in a row or rows. But in recent years we are seeing greater demand for special diamond rings in new, innovative designs – symmetric and asymmetric designs; designs inspired by nature; and designs that incorporate precious and semiprecious stones along with diamonds

Frequently Asked Questions about Diamonds Settings and Fitting

What types of settings exist in the jewelry world? There are seven basic types of settings: bead setting; pronged setting; cup setting; ...

Consumer Confidence - Jewelers Rank Low on the List of Trusted Professionals

By The star that opened the day’s discussions at the GIA Conference was Steve Forbes – chairman of the Forbes Communications Group and the ...

Frequently Asked Questions about Jewelry Manufacturing

What does the term "karat" mean in the jewelry world? In the jewelry sector, unlike the diamond and gemstone sectors, ...

Diamond Girdle Inscriptions

The GEMScribe system developed by OGI Systems for laser inscription on girdles and the service centers it has opened encourage us to take another look at the demand for inscription that has prevailed in the consumer market over the last decade. Here we give the stage to OGI’s project, but also note that the realm of inscription is wide, the supply is great and naturally, the article is not intended as a recommendation of any specific system or service offered by any given supplier

Diamond - Picture - Book

One has to understand the American mind to realize the beauty of the idea: marketing the photographed story of the diamond you purchase, from ...

Lazare Kaplan in Israel

One after another, the leading diamond companies are coming to Israel, after deciding to conduct a significant volume of activity ...
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