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Conflict Diamond Related Links

The Kimberley Process is an international initiative aimed at breaking the link between legitimate trade in diamonds and conflict diamonds. The Kimberley Process was launched in May 2000 in the city of Kimberley, South Africa. It started out as a consultative process, later becoming a negotiating process which culminated in the adoption of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). The KPCS sets an international benchmark for national certification schemes to be implemented by each Participant country through national legislation.
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Website launched by the World Diamond Council (WDC) which explains the conflict diamonds issue. The website, directed at professional retailers and diamond dealers, provides information on conflict diamonds in a downloadable format which is designed to give activists a tool in dealing with questions. The site offers information in 17 languages, including Arabic, French, German, Spanish and more.

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U.S. State Department
The U.S. State Department's dedicated website provides explanations on the Kimberley Process, conflict diamonds, news and FAQ. The website also details applicable laws and regulations in the United States.
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United States Kimberley Process Authority (USKPA)
The website of the U.S. Kimberley Process authority is aimed at industry professionals and facilitates licensing, issues certificates and provides documentation on behalf of the Kimberley Process. The site also contains links to publications about the Kimberley Process and conflict diamonds.
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Global Witness
This is the website of the non-governmental organization Global Witness, which was among the first to deal with the blood diamond issue, and even published the first report on the subject. The organization has the goal of exposing corruption in the natural resources trade.
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The StopBloodDiamonds organization website calls for joint action against blood diamonds from online retailers. By displaying the organization's logo on their website, online retailers indicate their commitment that they do not trade in conflict diamonds
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Amnesty International USA
At the international human rights organization’s American website one can read the organization's position paper on the Kimberley Process. The document details the recommendations of the organization concerning blood diamonds, from the viewpoint of human rights, member states, as well as detailing various aspects of the Kimberley Process
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