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Diamond Jewelry

Contrary to popular belief, Israel is not only a global diamond-trading empire. Despite a small local market, the jewelry industry in Israel is active and dynamic. We invite you to get acquainted with the thriving industry and the people behind it: attend the Jovella Jewelry show – a yearly event in Tel Aviv; look for jewelry makers through the Israel Jewelry Companies Index, browse fascinating articles on the field and visit diamond and jewelry companies’ websites, learn more about the Israeli Jewelry Manufacturers Association and more…

Israeli Diamond Engagement Rings

Israel is not only renowned for its beautiful diamonds, but also for the exquisite diamond jewelry designs coming out of the country, including engagement rings
Celebrity Jewelry

Celebrities do not stop grabbing our attention with the extremely expensive top of the range diamond jewelry that they wear to red carpet events
Jewelry News

Everything that is new in the jewelry sector, from who wore what, to how much a jewelry piece sold for, to the latest goings on in jewelry companies
Jewelry Articles

In depth article on the subject of diamonds and jewelry in both Israel and overseas are frequently published on the Israel Diamond Institute portal
Israel Diamond and Jewelry Companies Websites

Come and get to know the Israeli diamond and jewelry companies via their own websites, which feature engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and more
Jovella Jewelry Show

The Jovella jewelry show takes place annually in Tel Aviv, Israel in early July. Reports and interviews from Israel's only jewelry show
Jewelry Videos

Jewelry is supposed to be seen, so come and view our short videos on diamond jewelry - from manufacture to marketing and company backgrounds
Israel Jewelry Companies Index

Looking for a diamond jewelry company? The Israeli jewelry companies index includes details such as name, telephone, address, website and email
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