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Israeli Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are forever and it is a tradition to get engaged with a diamond engagement ring that symbolizes eternal love. The Israel Diamond Institute portal is proud to present a wide assortment of diamond engagement rings from a selection of Israel's leading diamond companies.

Tovi Farber
Tovi Farber designs unique pieces of jewelry - earrings, rings, bracelets and more - specializing in 18k gold pieces set with diamonds and gems.
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Savransky Jewelry
Hanan Savransky manufactures and designs jewelry items set with high-quality white and colored diamonds.

This three-stone diamond engagement features a center round diamond and two diamonds in a drop setting. This ring is part of a collection series called “The Three Stones”. Savransky Jewelry has a showroom in the Israel Diamond Exchange Complex.
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Dalumi Group
The images depict a white gold ring set with pink and white diamonds, and a gold engagement ring set with pink and white round diamonds.

The Dalumi Group offers a variety of polished diamonds and collections of combined white and natural colored diamond rings.
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A gold diamond ring set with round black and white stones. Geraldo specializes in the manufacturing and design of high-end jewelry pieces. The company has a showroom in the Israel Diamond Exchange Complex.
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Goldiam has partnered with one of the leading jewelry manufacturers in Israel to supply its customers with high-quality diamonds and jewelry pieces at the lowest prices in the market. You are invited to purchase gold and white gold jewelry pieces set with diamonds and gems, receive guidance as to the best and most fitting jewelry piece for you and get a glimpse to the Israeli diamond industry.

In Goldiam, we help you create your own custom-made jewelry in collaboration with our graphic designers while using the most advanced technology in the field. Every diamond purchased at Goldiam is certified by the leading gemological institutes in the world, and every diamond is guaranteed to be conflict-free. Every piece of jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defect. Goldiam’s offices are located in the Israel Diamond Exchange Complex.
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Arabov Group
Established in the 1950s, the Arabov Group is a manufacturer and polisher of diamonds. The company has also developed a gold diamond jewelry collection. The Arabov Group is an international company with factories, offices and stores around the world, including an office located in the Israel Diamond Exchange Complex.

The image depicts a rectangular diamond solitaire ring.
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The image depicts a three-stone white gold ring, unique because of the innovative mechanism that allows for the exchange of the center stone with another diamond and gem. Illimite is a jewelry designer inspired by Parisian contemporary fashion and design. The company has a store in the Israel Diamond Exchange Complex.
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The Avi Paz Group
The image depicts a white gold engagement ring set with small white diamonds. This a channel-set ring, with a center piece featuring a unique polished diamond manufactured and designed by the Avi Paz Group.

The Avi Paz Group manufactures and supplies fancy diamonds, as well as precision cutting and setting services.
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