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Israeli Banks

The Bank of Israel
The website of Israel's central bank. The website offers information about economic developments, position holders at the bank, news, updates, exchange rates, data and legislation, and much more.
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Bank Hapoalim
The website features the bank's financial services, up-to-date financial information, indexes and information for private and business clients as well as links to the bank's international branches. Various financial activities can be implemented through the website.

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Bank Leumi
This website offers ongoing financial information. The website also features financial overviews, general banking information, the dealing room and even a guide to wise banking.

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Bank Mizrahi –Tefahot
This website offers ongoing financial information as well as economic headlines, information about the bank's various services, a dictionary of terms, various calculators and a daily financial review.
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Israel Discount Bank
This website offers ongoing financial information, financial reviews, a table of exchange rates, banking information, direct banking and registration for the bank's newsletter.
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First International Bank of Israel
Aside from financial information, this website offers a list of the bank's branches, information on trust funds, reviews and research as well as links to branches and associated banks worldwide.
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Union Bank
The website features the bank's range of services as well as useful calculators. The website also offers users the opportunity to fill in forms that will enable bank representatives to contact them in the future.
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Israel Postal Bank
A website featuring the various activities that may be conducted at the bank's branches all over the country. The website provides locations of branches, information about the philatelic services and direct marketing, exchange rates and a price list for services.
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