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Traders Avoid New Mumbai Diamond Bourse

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Elaborate Indian jewelry
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Indian jewelry
A bombing that killed ten people near the epicenter of India's diamond industry has not managed convince the country's diamond traders to set up shop in the modern facility built to house their operations, Express India reports.
The Bandra-Kurla Complex, known as BKC, is 20 acres in size, large enough to house 2400 separate offices, but as of this writing less than 200 of those offices are in use. The other 2200 offices have all been sold to various diamond companies, and those firms are still required to pay monthly maintenance fees, although they have not begun to use the space at their disposal.
After the July 11, 2011 blast, many diamond traders in Mumbai expressed interest in shifting their operations away from the old Opera House facility as soon as possible. But eventually their sense of urgency subsided, and most have remained at the old Bharat Diamond Bourse facilities, in which security measures to prevent theft are less than stellar, according to Express India.
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