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Synthetic Diamonds Used To Find 'God Particle'

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synthetic diamonds
DIB, IGI, Chaim Even-Zohar  Enlarge
Synthetic diamonds
A major manufacturer of synthetic diamonds announced that stones it produced were used in the experiment that revealed the existence of the so-called 'God Particle' that garnered great media attention in recent weeks, Diamond Intelligence reports.
Element Six, a branch of diamond company De Beers that produces diamonds for industries other than the jewelry industry, revealed that its highest purity CVD synthetic diamond is an indispensible part of CERN's large hardron collider that was utilized to demonstrate the existence of the Higgs boson. Element Six's CVD diamond was used because it is able to suffer environments of incredibly intense radiation, and it adequately protects the machine's measurement equipment.
The firm noted that the demands of the experiment required it to produce synthetic diamonds of extraordinary purity, with less than one part per billion of boron and less than 50 parts per billion of nitrogen, according to Diamond Intelligence.
CERN scientist Dr. Erich Griesmayer noted that since the Element Six's diamonds performed well in this case, it may be used in other medical applications, such as diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy.
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