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IDE Tests Facial Recognition System at Entrance to Rough Trading Hall

/ Israel

Israel diamond
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Israel diamond complex skyline
The Israel Diamond Exchange's (IDE) Security Department is currently checking an ‎advanced facial recognition system at the entrance to the rough trading hall. The ‎system identifies facial features, as well as looking at visitors' body language and ‎behavior. 

IDE President Shmuel Schnitzer said in a press release: "The exchange is ‎continuously looking into new technologies that can strengthen even further the tight ‎security systems that already exist as befits the status of one of the safest business ‎centers in the world".‎

The aim of the pilot phase is to identify exchange members entering the rough ‎diamond hall from the Diamond Tower building. During the trial, no physical barrier is ‎being placed at the entrance to the hall and an IDE security team is responsible for ‎checking and dealing with people wishing to enter the hall.

The current phase is preparation for a more widespread implementation of the system ‎that is likely to be carried out during the US/International Diamond Week at the bourse ‎next month, which will cover the three entrances to the hall as well as guests, visitors ‎and buyers from abroad.

To participate in the experimental phase, people need to register, have their picture ‎taken and give their name and IDE badge number, a process which takes less than a ‎minute. The system will automatically recognize people going into the rough trading ‎hall. Members who have undergone the registration process are asked to look at the ‎device that is set up at the entrance until a green light comes on.

The advanced facial recognition system, developed by Israeli start-up FST21 under ‎the leadership of former Military Intelligence head Aharon Ze'evi Farkash, is ‎considered one of the most advanced systems of its kind in the world. ‎

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