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Sarine Testing Cutting-Edge Clarity and Color Grading Systems

/ World

Sarine Technologies  Enlarge
Israel-based Sarine Technologies says it has developed technologies that will revolutionize the global diamond industry, Diamond World reports. It includes the “first-of-its-kind, automated, objective and consistent Clarity and Color measurement and grading systems” - The Sarine Clarity™ and Sarine Color™ technologies.

Both systems are currently being tested in India and expected to commercialize towards the middle of 2017. According to the company, the Sarine Clarity™ provides accurate and objective mapping of the polished diamond's inclusions and flaws, then applies a predefined set of rules and algorithms to determine the appropriate Clarity grade. Finally, the diamonds are sorted within the assigned Clarity grade into subcategories according to predefined criteria.

The Clarity technology can handle polished stones from 2 points to 10 carats - the vast majority of stones manufactured annually. The initial Color system will be limited to polished stones of 20 points and up, but subsequent models will handle a range of stone sizes similar to the Clarity technology.

Sarine CEO Mr. Uzi Levami said that the company’s new innovations would “revolutionize the way the diamond industry and consumers perceive Clarity grading, and transform the polished sourcing and sorting process”.
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