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Israel Diamond Exchange Welcomes 76 New Members to the Bourse

/ Israel

Diamond Bourse
Dany Arussi  Enlarge
IDE new members
A ceremony welcoming 76 new members to the Israel Diamond Exchange was held Tuesday (January 24). It was attended by IDE President Yoram Dvash, IDE Honorary President Yair Sahar, IDE Deputy President Hezy Bloom, industry leaders, bourse directors and many guests. The ceremony was officiated by IDE VP Israel Vanachovsky.

IDE President Yoram Dvash congratulated the new members and spoke about the robustness of the diamond industry: “The IDE is getting stronger; in 2016, 112 new members were accepted. We were visited today by the directors of Diamdel International, and we gave them a tour of the new Trading center as well as the new Synova room. They were impressed and congratulated us on the new Trading Center, which we will inaugurate at the upcoming International Diamond Week in February. We keep sowing the seeds for future profits and progress”.

Dany Arussi  Enlarge
IDE President Yoram Dvash
Dvash also commented on the improvement in the industry and the increase in advertising budgets worldwide: “The industry is undergoing many changes, here as well as abroad. Early indicators show improvement on all fronts. China is much improved, and we’re starting to see a rise in sales ahead of the Chinese New Year. The US is also showing improvement and we’re hoping that things will move forward with the new administration. Globally, the DPA has invested $6 million in 2015, $12 million in 2016, and plans to spend $50 million in 2017. I believe that we will soon see some results”.

“In all my meetings with heads of organizations, we talk about increasing the advertising budget and keeping prices stable”, Dvash added, “The International Diamond Week (IDWI) will open on February 13, and 330 international buyers have already registered. I wish luck to all the new bourse members. You are entering a distinguished body and a robust industry. It is my honor to welcome you to the bourse today. The Israeli diamond industry is among the leading industries of its kind in the world, and our bourse, in terms of number of members, is the largest. In purchases and sales, imports and exports, we are second or third in the world. There’s tradition, capital, knowledge, and I have no doubt we can reach new heights. I want to thank Committee Head for New Members Herzl Sitton and VP of Members Osnat Amiel”.

Dany Arussi  Enlarge
New Members Comittee Head Herzl Sitton
Committee Head for New Members Herzl Sitton said: “It is out honor to give you these new member certificates. My job is to check up on every nominee, and I was deeply impressed with all of you. The diamond industry had gone through challenging times, and I call upon you not to give free credit to people you don’t know. The diamond industry has a special charm. I’ve been in this business for 50 years, and I’m still in love with diamonds. You now embark on a new road. You’re the next generation of diamantaires, and I’m certain you’ll change our industry for the better”.

Danny Volner, who represented the new group of bourse members, said: “Joining the IDE is a long process and a great privilege. The bourse is the natural working environment for every diamantaire, and it encompasses all the relevant bodies of the industry. Everyone works towards making the Israeli bourse a diamond hub. Applying for membership is a long process, and it’s all about quality".

Diamond Bourse
Dany Arussi  Enlarge
Dvash with new member Dany Volner
During the course, we learned a lot from the Course manager, Nissim Gil, IDE President Dvash, and IDE Honorary Presidents Shmuel Schnizter and Yair Sahar. Our profession is fascinating, and demands that we are knowledgeable in advertising, trade and finance. We have received very good training, and we thank you for that”.
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