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Piaget Launches Ring Watch with Diamonds, Emeralds and Rubies

/ Retail and Jewelry
Piaget Ring Watch
Piaget Ring Watch With Diamonds, Emeralds, and Rubies

Luxury jewelry and watchmaker Piaget has placed a small quartz watch in a breathtaking ring embedded with diamond, rubies and emeralds. Luxury watches often fall in the jewelry category, so the combination of a ring and a watch to be worn of the finger yields the same result as if the jewelry item were placed on a wrist.

The new Piaget ring is basically a miniature watch. The ring is constructed from 18  karat white gold covered in a combination of diamonds, rubies and emeralds. The bold design makes the ring suitable for festive occasions.

The petite hands are reportedly easy to read on their setting of  a bed of diamonds. The ring’s price is likely to be on par with other Piaget watch rings that run for about $20,000 - $30,000.

By: Rachel Lieberman, Israel Diamond Industry Portal
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