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Diamond Creator LifeGem to Turn Michael Jackson's Hair into Diamonds

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LifeGem, a company that creates high-quality diamonds from carbon extracts, will convert Michael Jackson's hair into diamonds. The strands of hair, obtained during the shooting of Jackson's 1984 Pepsi commercial, were purchased by jewelry collector John Reznikoff from Ralph Cohen, executive producer of the Pepsi commercial.
Reznikoff contacted the Chicago-based diamond company and requested that it turn Jackson's hair into diamonds. "The provenance and authenticity of this lock of hair is impeccable, including the highly publicized video showing the original owner of the hair using his Armani jacket to extinguish Jackson's hair when it caught fire," Reznikoff stated.
Reznikoff has worked with LifeGem in the past to create diamonds from strands of hair from Beethoven, which were sold at about $240,000 per diamond. The company expects to produce approximately 10 diamonds from Jackson's hair. 
By: Shir Deutch
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