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Three Large Diamonds Unearthed at Lesotho Mine

/ Mining
Rachminov Diamonds 1891  Enlarge
Fancy colored diamond
Three large diamonds were recently extracted from the earth at a mine in Lesotho, including one massive light yellow diamond weighing 74 carats, Mining Weekly reports. The other impressive finds weighed in at 39 carats and 26 carats, respectively.
The diamond company Firestone announced the discovery of the three large diamonds from its Liqhobong mine in the southern African nation of Lesotho. The 39-carat diamond, which is light yellow in color, and the 26-carat gem, which is white, are actually only fragments of much larger stones.
The stones will be sold at a tender during the second quarter of 2012, Diamond News reported. The company sold over 67,000 carats of diamonds at a per carat price of $71 for a total of $4,773,000 in tenders during the first quarter of 2012.
A Firestone representative heralded the discovery of the three diamonds as proof that the Liqhobong mine was capable of producing gems of great size and quality.
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