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Paramount Recovers 15 Carat Diamond

/ Mining

Paramount’s Mining’s Peakstar diamond mine in Free State has yielded a 15.47 carat diamond from a kimberlite sample at 45 meters depth.


The diamond is twice the size of any of those recovered to date. The largest diamonds to previously come from Peakstar weighed 8.2 carats and 4.6 carats. The stones sold for $61,136 and $14,888 respectively.


Mining Weekly quotes CEO Maureen Muggeridge as saying: “Considering that we are testing relatively small volumes of kimberlite, recovery of a diamond this big is particularly significant. Carat value increases markedly with increase in size of a diamond. The previous benchmark size of 8 carats, and regular recovery of diamonds over 3 carats, were already encouraging signs. However, periodic recovery of diamonds as large as 15 carats or more will have a major positive impact on the commercial parameters of the project.” 


By: Rachel Lieberman, Israel Diamond Industry Portal
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