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Worldwide demand for platinum jewelry spikes in 2009

/ Retail and Jewelry

Global demand for platinum jewelry rose by almost 80% in 2009, reaching76.2 tonnes, according to the Johnson Matthey’s “Platinum 2009 Interim Review”.

The review stated that China’s net demand for platinum  reached a record high of 54.5 tonnes in 2009. Beijing currently accounts for 75% of global platinum jewellery demand and is the biggest platinum jewelry market in the world.

According to the Platinum Guild International (PGI),  platinum prices are expected to remain stable in 2010, making potential market growth a bright possibility, thanks to both the bridal market – where platinum jewelry is expected to be especially popular ahead of the this year's palindromic wedding date 10.10.10. (10 October 2010); and the increasing numbers of younger platinum jewelry consumers.

Courtesy of Jewellery News Asia Chinese Edition

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