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Government Institutes

The Ministry of Finance
The official website of Israel's Finance Ministry. It features news, publications, useful information, economic data and links to all of the other websites maintained by the Ministry's departments.
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The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor
The official website of Israel's Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. This website features extensive information about the Ministry's areas of activity including aid offered to industry and businesses, external trade and international activity, relevant legislation and adjudication, forms, publications and press releases.
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The official website of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This website features details regarding Israeli embassies and consulates all over the world, a column for Israelis traveling abroad, and a special informational section that addresses the issue of terrorism and occupation.
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Israel Tax Authority
The official website of Israel's income tax, customs and VAT authorities, associated with the Ministry of Finance. The website features information pertaining to income tax, imports, VAT, the authority's publications, and relevant adjudication.
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The Israel Export Institute
The official website of the Israel Export Institute, which features extensive information about various services provided by the Institute, online services offered through the website, export promotion activities, specific information according to industries and a listing of entities offering aid to exporters.
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Ashra – The Israel Export Insurance Corp
The Israel Export Insurance Corp is a government company that offers aid to Israeli exporters and insures credit and investments in medium and long-term export transactions. The website offers information about the company's activities, various countries, official publications, a dictionary of terms and links.
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