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2nd-Most-Popular Gem Setting: Bezel (& Semi-Bezel)

If you engage in a lot of physical activity, you might want to consider what is probably the second-most popular setting for gems: the bezel

A Sparkling Mistake: The Peculiar Story of Tennis Bracelets

Now a classic piece you can find in any respectable jewelry store, the tennis bracelet entered our lives relatively recently. Until 1987, ...

An Auction that sparkles: What is a Gemstone Tender?

Major mining companies, from Russian mining giant ALROSA to British-based Gem diamonds, are increasingly adding tenders - or auctions – ...


Cartier is a renowned French jewelry and watch manufacturing company with a long and distinguished history of catering to royalty, including ...

Diamond Exploration Keeps Evolving With Technology

Nowadays, rough diamonds that remain located far below ground level require huge powerful expensive equipment to locate and extract

Diamond-set account

A diamond-set account is a special bank account for diamantaires meant to be used exclusively for industry transactions. A diamond-set account ...

For Those Who Want The World To Know: Promise Rings

A promise ring signifies a promise to eventually get engaged to their partner

How are Diamonds Born: Kimberlite Volcanoes

In our imagination and in our culture, diamonds are usually associated with ‎comfortable wealth, grace and elegance. Yet the way in which ...
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