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Bow Tie

The bow tie effect appears in some fancy cut diamonds such as marquise, hearts and oval cut diamonds. The bow-tie effect is caused by imperfect ...

WikiDiamond - Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are polished diamonds that are not affixed to jewelry

WikiDiamond - Taper Cut

This form of cutting was developed to accommodate elongated, rough diamonds whose ends are uneven


Beneficiation is a process currently being implemented in the Southern African countries – Namibia, Botswana and South

Black Economic Empowerment

The Black Economic Empowerment Plan was adopted by the South African government after the abolishment of Apartheid in 1994


“Chips” is the process of sorting flawed diamonds

Colored Diamonds

Diamonds’ colors are created as a result of a combination of two elements: The composition of chemical and outside substances

Cullinan Diamond

WikiDiamond – The Great Star of Africa The Great Star of Africa, also known as the Cullinan I Diamond, is the largest rough diamond ever ...
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