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Paloma Diamonds is a manufacturer and distributor of premium diamonds, from 1-carat to 30-carat diamonds.
Paloma Jewelry
Credit: Paloma Diamonds

Paloma Diamonds is a manufacturer and distributor of premium diamonds, from 1-carat to 30-carat diamonds. Thirty years of experience in the diamond industry have placed Paloma as a leading manufacturer in its field. Paloma Diamonds is a family business, based on transparency and true love for the trade and its clients.


Diamond manufacturing begins with the unwavering search for the best rough diamond in the world. Years of experience in searching for rough diamonds all over the world, sorting them, and maintaining long-standing relationships with suppliers of rough have combined to make Paloma Diamonds an expert manufacturer of the best diamonds for our clients.


Paloma Jewelry
credit:Paloma Diamonds

We are privileged to take part in the Kimberley Process, which makes our diamonds conflict-free. After the rough arrives at our factory, we begin the polishing and design processed. These make every diamond perfect, fully customized to our clients’ wishes and needs.


The polishing process is done in its entirety at our polishing division in Israel, according to a rigorous quality assurance process.


Our diamonds make every jewelry piece unique, and our clients return time after time to demand the perfect diamond pieces that they have grown accustomed to.


Excellent customer service is the cornerstone of our company, and we cater to a wide range of clients – from private jewelers to diamond and jewelry retailers and private clients. We take pride in our staff’s attentiveness to the clients’ needs, while remaining discreet and efficient for the benefit of all. We customize our services to each and every client, paying extra attention to their wishes and needs.


Our marketing efforts focus on our clients’ needs around the world and the availability of rough. The company has offices in Hong Kong, which caters’ to our clients in that part of the world.


Paloma Diamonds participates in jewelry and diamonds shows around the world, showcasing its wide range of diamonds.
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