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From celebrity diamonds to lab-grown issues: Our top read articles of last year
Argyle cardinal carat radiant cut fancy red diamond
Credit: Rio Tinto Diamonds

The Israel diamond portal summarizes a fascinating 2019 with the articles that have most captured our readers’ attention last year. From Jane Fonda’s blingy swag on the red carpet to issues surrounding the lab-grown diamond industry, here are our top read articles of the year.


10. Analyst: Diamond Industry Challenges


An article published by diamond analyst Paul Zimnisky looks at the current conditions in the diamond industry in an attempt to pinpoint the factors contributing to what some insiders are dubbing as “a crisis in the industry”.


Read the full article here


9. South African Diamond Makes a Splash


Nicole Meyer, a PhD student in the Diamond Exploration Research and Training School at the University of Alberta in Canada made a buzz-generating discovery recently while examining a diamond unearthed from a mine in South Africa.


Read the full article here


8. De Beers Blames Synthetics for Small Diamond prices


\As the diamond industry deals with a decrease in the prices of small-sized stones during the last few months, aninterview on GJEPC’s website with Stephen Lussier, Executive VP of Marketing at De Beers Group, tries to pinpoint the reasons for the slowdown.


Read the full article here


Richline Lab Diamond JCPenney
Credit: Richline Group


7. Jane Fonda Blings it Up


The veteran actress Jane Fonda dazzled with a $3 million Gismondi 1754 diamond ring at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.


Read the full article here


6. Martin Rapaport Calls for Synthetics Ethics


In an article published on Rapaport Magazine, Martin Rapaport, publisher of Rapaport Magazine and the Rapaport Diamond Report, analyses the current state of the synthetic diamonds industry, pointing out trends, potential threats to the natural diamond industry, and recommendations for traders and trade organizations.


Read the full article here


5. Diamonds to Become Even More Rare


According ton article published by the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF), the majority of the 45 most notable diamond mines in the world operating at the moment will close within one generation, “and most diamonds will be sourced from the second-hand market”.


Read the full article here


The Argyle Pink Jubilee diamond
Credit: Rio Tinto Diamonds


4. Is the Diamond Industry Out of Balance?


An article published by Edahn Golan Diamond Research & Data analyses the current state of the diamond industry, including an in-depth look at inventories, demand, and the prices of natural and lab-grown diamonds (LGDs).


Read the full article here


3. Virtual Diamond Polishing: A Guide


Today, cutters and polishers often plan rough or polished diamonds using automated optimization software. Virtual polishing takes the planning process for all diamonds one step forward to ensure a plan that will yield the best diamond. Yossi Atuar, an expert polisher, has developed a virtual polishing system for white and colored diamonds. Here, he explains how the system works.


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diamond ring polishing repair
Credit: JoeFotoSS /


2. Top Israeli Diamond Exporters for 2018


The Israel Diamonds, Gemstones and Jewelry Administration in the Ministry of Economy’s full list of the fifteen leading polished diamond exporters in 2018.


Read the full article here


1. How will LGDs Affect the Daimond Industry?


The issue of synthetic diamonds and their impact on the natural diamond industry has been a hot issue in recent years. Leibish Polnauer, owner of Leibish & Co. Fancy Colored Diamonds, has published a video in which he raises several interesting questions on the matter.


Read the full article here

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