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After a series of weekly declines, polished diamond prices have posted a small rebound in the Israeli diamond center, rising by 0.09%, according to’s GDX diamond index.


The GDX (Get-Diamond Index) is the first diamond market index based on real diamond trading data. GDX is based on the daily diamond trading data within the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), using a sophisticated proprietary algorithm to track tens of thousands of GIA-certified round diamonds of individual diamond grades, based on not less than 14 diamond parameters.


Wholesale polished diamond prices in Israel increased nearly across the board as local diamond wholesalers performed a series of small price adjustments, including a strong price increase on Wednesday. This is a positive development in the diamond market after prices softened throughout March and were largely flat during the first week of April. The GDX index,’s general index, closed the week with a 0.06% increase compared to the prior week.


GDX averaged 10,006.49 during the 15th week of the year (April 8-14). The index represents the most tradable diamonds in the Israeli diamond market. The GDX index opened the week at 10,003.56 and closed at 10,009.38.


The largest price improvements were among the higher-end goods with higher colors and better clarities, as reflected in the GDX-I index. GDX-I increased 0.2% compared to the prior week. The second highest price increases were for goods of typical interest to the American jewelry industry, represented by the GDX-J index. These goods rose on average by 0.12% compared to the prior week. Prices of the smaller goods were flat.


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Prices Rise Soften in March


Although polished diamond prices in Israel increased during the first few day of the month,’s third month of indexed pricing, asking prices of polished diamonds softened throughout most of the month. The decline was a seasonal one. Usually wholesale polished diamond prices rise during January and February as retailers, mainly in the US, stock up on goods. The restocking fuels price increases, and at the tail end of February, prices often rise ahead of the gem trade fair in Hong Kong.


Prices typically decline after the show, with nothing to push up demand until May, when Mother’s Day is celebrated in the US. This year, as the results of the Hong Kong show did not meet trader expectations, prices were further pressured downwards. During March, the GDX index declined by 0.83% to 10,100, erasing the February gains. GDX-D fell 1.22% to 4,005, also eliminating the February price increases.


Despite their weakness in the past week, GDX-I and GDX1+ suffered from the smallest price declines.


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GDX diamond price index


GDX Structure


Carats tracks the asking prices of tens of thousands GIA certified, round diamonds, with no culet that are offered on Get-Diamonds.


● GDX – 0.18 – 2.5 carats, D-I, IF – SI2
● GDX-I –0.18 – 2.5 carats, D-F, IF – VVS2
● GDX-J –0.18 – 2.5 carats, G-I, VS1 – SI2
● GDX-D –0.18 – 0.99 carats, D-I, IF – SI2
● GDX 1+ – 1 – 2.5 carats, D-I, IF – SI2

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