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Vivial Color Revealed Diamonds Ltd. (formerly Briza Shine) is a global provider of natural color-revealed™ diamonds


Vivial Color Revealed Diamonds Ltd. (formerly Briza Shine) is a global provider of natural color-revealed™ diamonds. The Company’s exclusive offering serves everyone in the luxury supply chain, from high-end designers and manufacturers of fine diamond jewelry to influential fashion houses and retail brands.



Vivial’s pioneering 14-Color Paletta™, a sparkling range of blues, greens, yellows, cognacs and on-demand special colors, is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon in the trade, answering a growing market demand in the luxury jewelry segment for natural color diamonds of impeccable quality that are competitively priced.


What’s the appeal of color diamonds?


Everything today is driven by color; you only have to travel to leading industry trade shows in Europe and Asia to see just how deeply color has captivated the luxury jewelry segment. The lines between luxury fashion – which is traditionally very color rich – and luxury jewelry have been blurred. So instead of using color gemstones augmented by white diamonds, why not choose natural color-revealed™ diamonds as a leading design element for a ring, necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings? It’s a logical progression and the market potential, in our view, is immense.


Who are the primary targets of the Vivial brand?


We’d like to be viewed as a new source of inspiration to designers and manufacturers of luxury jewelry and fashion and the women they serve who demand – and deserve – to make a colorful statement of individual taste with the jewelry they wear.


Why color-revealed™?


Contrary to popular belief, most diamonds are harvested from the depths of the earth as young white diamonds, not mature color diamonds. All white diamonds contain a secret range of color, hidden to the naked eye, just waiting to be slowly revealed over the millennia. Had they remained intact under the right conditions they too would eventually “ripen” to their intended color – but


who can wait a million years for it to happen?


At Vivial, we pick up where nature has left off, safely simulating the conditions which enable a white diamond’s intended color to shine forth through an exclusive color-revealing™ process.
How do Vivial diamonds differ from other color-enhanced diamonds on the market?
Currently, there are several methods being employed in the industry for “maturing” a white diamond in order to facilitate a color change, all of which suffer from questionable quality, safety or repeatability challenges.
Vivial’s proprietary color-revealing™ process represents the first method to successfully imitate the proper temperature and pressure conditions found in nature to achieve the innate color potential of each individual stone – with total precision and unquestionable safety.
We are the only color diamond provider to be both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Our color-revealing™ process is in full compliance with accepted trade practices as set forth in the CIBJO Blue Book, chapters 4.21, 4.25.
What are the advantages of working with Vivial?
The first advantage is in the quality. We start by sourcing only the highest quality natural diamonds available in the market, which is why our product will always be a cut above the rest. It’s also crucial to note that different stones have varying degrees of color-revealing™ potential. Not every stone can reveal an ice blue or a canary yellow. We offer a complete in-house solution: We identify a stone’s potential color range; we focus on a specific natural color to reveal based on our customer’s requirements; and we oversee the process from start to finish with total predictability and extreme safety assurance. There is no outsourcing or cutting corners. It’s Vivial expertise from design to delivery.


What other factors differentiate you from other providers?


Repeatability. We are capable of producing thousands of stones of a specific quality, cut and color according to a customer’s exact specifications. So whether it’s a limited edition line for an exclusive designer or an item with a more global footprint produced by a leading fashion house or jewelry manufacturer, we can fill the order this season and every season according to precise color requirements.


How do you want to make your mark on the international diamond trade?


We want to change the conversation and move forward from the color-by-chance exclusivity of the fancy diamond trade that targets the few, to the color-revealed™ revolution that takes the beauty of natural color diamonds to a mainstream luxury market. Vivial wants to be the brand that changes the perception of color for diamond and jewelry professionals and the patrons they serve.


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