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GIA Partners with IBM to “Revolutionize” Diamond Grading

Right now, the system is in limited use in New York and Carlsbad
Diamond grading at a GIA laboratory
Credit: Valerie Power, GIA

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has partnered with IBM Research to develop an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) system “designed to revolutionise diamond clarity grading”, according to a report in Art of Jewellery.


GIA New York
Credit: Iris Hortman


The GIA AI clarity system feeds on data from tens of millions of diamonds examined by GIA’s expert diamond graders and “is built on the standards of GIA’s universally recognized International Diamond Grading System™. The system is now in limited use in GIA’s New York and Carlsbad laboratories for the most popular diamond sizes, and the GIA promises to scale the system “to bring accurate and efficient diamond grading to more diamond sizes, shapes and qualities”.


Master stones
Credit: GIA


Tom Moses, GIA executive VP and chief laboratory and research officer, commented: “GIA is uniquely positioned to leverage AI and set a new bar in diamond grading standards. IBM’s AI technology combined with GIA’s expertise, extensive data and gemological research capabilities enables us to deliver advancements in consistency, accuracy and speed unlike any other organization”.

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