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The 90’s At The Israeli Diamond Industry

Credit: IDI

1990 – 2000


In 1990, the Israeli Diamond Institute founded the Technological Company IDT.

In 1990, the Israeli Diamond Exchange hosted the Presidents’ Meeting.


In 1993, a third building was inaugurated in the Diamond Exchange complex, the “Hayalom” Tower. The 39-storey building includes a multi-story car park, a bank and jewelry shops. The building is connected to the Shimshon Building via a bridge.


In 1995, the Israeli Diamond Institute inaugurated its new technological center for research and development in the diamond field.


In 1996, the Israeli diamond industry hosted the 27th International Congress of Diamantaires. It was the fifth time the Congress is held in Israel. At the same time an international technological exhibition was held by the Israeli Diamond Institute. The same year, a synagogue was dedicated in the Diamond Exchange complex.


In 1996, for the first time, an international diamond exhibition was held in Israel. The exhibition was organized by the Israeli Diamond Institute and the Israel Export Institute. The exhibition was titled “Israel is the Source”. During the exhibition, a contest was held between companies manufacturing diamond jewelry.


Late in 1998, the Rough Trading Hall was inaugurated.


The end of the 90s was characterized by a slump in the diamond industry, both in Israel and abroad.


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