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Diamond Industry Organizations

The Israeli diamond industry comprises several bodies, each responsible for a different facet of the industry. Together, they strive to maintain Israel’s status as one of the leading diamond trading and manufacturing hubs in the world

  • 1937

    The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) in Ramat Gan is the world’s largest diamond exchange. Covering approximately 80,000 square meters, the IDE operates from the Diamond Exchange District - a complex of four building connected by bridges. The IDE operates two trading halls – one for rough stones and the other for polished diamonds. These trading halls are equipped with the latest technology, as well as advanced computer and communications systems

    מידע על יהלומים בשנת 1937
  • 1940

    The Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association represents the Israel diamond industry and its manufacturers in all Israeli and international forums that discuss matters that are relevant to them. Israel is unique in the quality of diamonds it manufactures, making use the most advanced technologies available in the market

    מידע על יהלומים בשנת 1940
  • 1967

    The Israel Diamond Institute Group of Companies (IDI) was established in 1967, and represents all organizations and institutions involved in the Israeli diamond industry. The IDI helps diamantaires to implement tasks that a single diamond company cannot usually accomplish when working alone

    מידע על יהלומים בשנת 1967