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Alrosa’s polished and diamond sales went up 5% year-on-year, totalling $287.8 million
230 carat diamond Russian miner Alrosa
Credit: Alrosa

Alrosa’s polished and diamond sales went up 5% year-on-year in November, totalling $287.8 million. Rough diamond sales amounted to $282.1 million, while polished diamond sales totaled $5.8 million.


alrosa rough diamonds russia
Credit: Alrosa


In the 11 months spanning January to November, the Russian miner’s sales amounted to $2.974 billion. Rough diamonds were sold for $2.921 billion, while polished diamonds sales totaled $53 million.


diamond mining trucks Russia
Credit: Alrosa


The company’s Deputy CEO Evgeny Agureev commented: “November sales growth evidence that mid-stream sector, specifically in India, is on track to restore its balance. Somewhat more active purchasing activity at end-consumers in key regions also provide support to our sales volumes”.

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