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Alrosa’s Sales, Revenue and Profit Soar in 2021

Alrosa’s revenue jumped 50% over 2020
Rough Diamonds
Credit: Alrosa

Russian mining giant Alrosa has had a very good 2021: According to IDEX Online, Alrosa’s revenue for the year was RUB 332 billion ($3.04 billion) – a 50% increase over 2020.


Underground diamond mining miners
Credit: Alrosa


This figure, according to the report, comes “on the back of a 42% increase in total rough diamond sales and the gem diamonds price index gaining 13%.” Net profit for the year was RUB 91.3 billion ($840 million) – “up almost three times over 2020.”


Alrosa sold 30.4 million carats of rough in 2021 – up 28% year-on-year “as global demand outstripped demand.”


Mirny Diamonds
Credit: Alrosa


The Russian miner, which faces an uncertain 2022 as the conflict between Russian and Ukraine rages on and sanctions are imposed, added that it expects to produce 34.3 million carats in 2022.

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