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The next polished tender in Israel is scheduled for this fall
Diamond Sorting
Credit: Alrosa

Diamond mining giant Alrosa sold $2.2 million worth of polished diamonds in a recently concluded tender at the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) in Ramat Gan.


Polished Diamonds
Credit: Alrosa


Alrosa sold 14 polished diamonds weighing a total of 108 carats, and 48 fancy colored polished diamonds weighing 131.6 carats in total. Companies from Israel, the US, Belgium, India, Hong Kong and Russia participated in the tender. The next polished tender in Israel is scheduled for this fall.


Israeli Diamond Bourse
Credit: IDI


Pavel Vinikhin, Director of the DIAMONDS ALROSA cutting division, commented: “There is a continued interest in large polished diamonds over 3 carats in the market. Our assortment mostly consists of such stones. In Israel, we presented polished diamonds of different colors and cuts. Despite the relatively weak market, the auction went well, and we are pleased with the results”.

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