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Israel’s Diamond Exports Way Up in February 2021

The growth in polished exports is due to higher demand for studded jewellery in key markets
Credit: IDI Archive

Israel’s polished diamond exports are bouncing nicely post-Covid: According to Rough & Polished, quoting numbers from the Ministry of Economy and Industry, exports increased 24% year-on-year to $251.6 million. In volume, polished exports increased 20% to 122,784 carats in February.


diamond loupe israel
Credit: 3photographers


Rough diamond exports rose 21% to $124 million. In volume, rough exports fell 9% to 188,317 carats.


A previous diamond week in Israel
Credit: Yankele


The growth in polished diamond exports is attributed in the report to “higher demand for studded jewellery in the key consuming markets like China, the US and others”. The increase in rough exports is attributed to the peace deals Israel signed with the United Arab Emirates in August.

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