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More than 45 companies exported polished diamonds in excess of $18 million
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Credit: IDI

The Israel Diamonds, Gemstones and Jewelry Administration in the Ministry of Economy has published the list of the fifteen leading polished diamond exporters in 2018.


According to the Diamonds, Gemstones and Jewelry Administration, there were more than 45 companies which exported polished diamonds in excess of $18 million last year. The following list includes 15 companies that have agreed to have their names and export volumes published.


M.I.D House of Diamonds is again the lead exporter, registering a rise in the value of exports – from $175 million in 2017 to $196 million in 2018. Six more companies in the list marked rises in exports: Niru Diamonds Israel (1987) LTD, Anita Diamonds , Yoshfe Diamonds International, Kuperman Bros Diamonds, Rosy Blue Sales and Kimchi Diam LTD.


Here are some of the top Israeli diamond exporter for 2018:


Company Net exports in millions of $
M.I.D House of Diamonds 196
Niru Diamonds Israel (1987) 134
Anita Diamonds 93
Yoshfe Diamonds International 84
Leo Schachter Diamonds 75
Rosy Blue Sales 67
Kimchi Diam 57
Andre Mesika 56
Kuperman Bros Diamonds 42
Pinkusovich Diamond Traders 33
Oren Diamonds 26
Shlomo Bichachi Diamonds 25 25
DMG International 24
Nirs Diamonds 23
Wertheimer Fruchter Diamonds 21

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