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AGD Diamonds finds “Unique” 50.36-Carat Diamond at Grib Mine

AGD credits its "environmentally friendly technologies” for this latest find
50.36 carat diamond agd
Credit: AGD Diamonds

AGD Diamonds has announced that it found a “unique gem-quality diamond weighing 50.36 carats” at its Grib Mining and Processing Division in Russia on April 13, Rough & Polished reports.


47.61 carat deep lemon yellow diamond by AGD
Credit: AGD Diamonds


According to the company, its innovative use of “highly environmentally friendly technologies to dress kimberlite ore” allows it to “produce large high-quality diamonds with a certain regularity”. In January, the miner unearthed another large diamond, this one weighing 86.46 carats. Last year, the company recovered 11 diamonds exceeding 50 carats each.


agd diamonds russia
Credit: AGD Diamonds


According to the report, the Grib mine is one of the world’s largest diamond fields, “ranking fourth in reserves in Russia and seventh in the world”.

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