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Fura Gems uncovered a 25.97-carat rough emerald, classified as “ rare and exceptional"
Fura rough emerald
Credit: Fura

Fura Gems Inc., which operates the Coscuez emerald mine in Boyacá, Colombia, uncovered a 25.97-carat rough emerald, classified as “ rare and exceptional due due to its size, colour saturation and clarity”, reports Gem Konnect. The stone was named the ‘ÄRE Emerald’ after a figure in ancient Colombian mythology.


Fura President & CEO Dev Shetty commented: “We are thrilled with the discovery of this exceptional emerald in these very early stages of our bulk sampling program […] The quality of the ÄRE Emerald truly represents the opportunity and prestige of Colombian emeralds, which are the most sought-after emeralds in the world. Work has also already commenced on the maiden mineral resource at Coscuez, and we are hoping to have this completed by Q4 of this year”.


The company added that the first auction of its rough emeralds will take place “once the bulk sampling program has been completed, the maiden mineral resource estimate formalised and the Colombian emerald grading system has been established”, sometime during the second quarter of 2019.

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