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Gem Diamonds Unearths 295-Carat Gem at Letšeng

Gem Diamonds has recently recovered a high-quality 295-carat type II white diamond from its 70%-owned Letšeng mine in Lesotho, Rough & Polished reports.


This marks Gem Diamonds’ first discovery of a diamond weighing over 100 carats in 2024. In October, the company found a 117.47-carat type IIa white gem – its fourth diamond weighing over 100 carats retrieved that year.


Previous notable discoveries from the Letšeng mine in 2023 include a 101.26-carat gem-quality White Type II in September; a 163.91-carat yellow diamond in June; and a 122-carat D-color Type II white diamond in March.


In November, the miner reported that a decrease in the recovery of large, high-value diamonds, coupled with market pressures, had led to a fall in the average dollar per carat and revenue achieved in Q3 2023. The company recorded an average price per carat of $1,310 during the quarter – slightly down from $1,317 in the previous year.


Letseng diamond mine
Letseng diamond mine

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