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Greenland: De Beers Starts Searching for Diamonds Underwater

De Beers commissioned an eight-day survey of around 800 kilometers of seabed
Diamond Mining Vessel boat sea De Beers
Credit: De Beers

Diamond mining giant De Beers has begun to search for marine diamonds off the coast of Greenland, according to a report quoted by IDEX Online.


de beers diamond vessel
Credit: De Beers


The report claims that De Beers commissioned “an eight-day survey of around 800 kilometers of seabed” at a depth of 50 to 200 meters. It was conducted by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). The results, reportedly, will “take months to analyze.”


De Beers Diamond Sourcing
Credit: De Beers


In other De Beers-related news, the miner said recently it is testing a four-legged robot called “Spot” at its Gahcho Kue diamond mine in Canada to see if it can replace some routine tasks done by miners today.

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