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2020: FCRF Reports Minor Decrease in Fancy Color Diamond Prices

Although 2020 was challenging, prices proved to be resilient
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Credit: FCRF

The Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) announced today the Fancy Color Diamond INDEX results for Q4 and a summary of 2020.


Q4 Results:



The prices of all Pink diamonds overall remained without a change in Q4 2020, with Fancy and Fancy Intense categories presenting a slight increase. The 1.00-1.49 and 2.00 to 2.99 carats segments presented an increase of 0.4% and 0.6% respectively, with the 2 carats Fancy Pink showing the highest increase of the quarter +1.4%.


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Credit: FCRF


The Fancy grade in the Blue Index presented an overall increase of 0.2%, while the 1.5 and 5 carats stood out with an increase of 0.5%. However, Blue diamond prices overall presented a 0.5% decrease in Q4, led by the Vivid category that decreased by 0.6%. This decrease occurred due to the soft price of the 1 carat segment in this quarter.



The prices of Yellow diamonds in Q4 presented stability in all saturations, with the 3 carats segment increasing by 0.4%. The Fancy Intense 5 carat segment increased by 0.8% and the Fancy Vivid 3 carat segment rose by 0.7%. Interestingly, the Fancy Intense 1.5 carat segments showed a decrease of half a percent, while the Fancy grade 1.5 carat showed an increase of 0.6%.


2020 results:


Although 2020 was challenging in terms of logistics and travel, contrary to market expectations Fancy Color Diamond prices proved to be resilient, with minor price decreases across the board. Fancy Color diamonds decreased by less than one percent. The Yellow category decreased by 0.3%, Pinks by 0.9% and Blues by 1.3%. The Vivid category in all colors and sizes showed better stability, decreasing only by 0.4%. The Intense category decreased by 0.9%, and the Fancy category by 1%.


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Credit: FCRF


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