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Yoram Dvash: Peace agreement between Israel and the UAE opens horizon for important economic cooperation

“New horizons for economic development”
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Credit: WFDB

Yoram Dvash, Acting President of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) and President of the Israel Diamond Exchange, praised the governments of Israel and the United Arab Emirates for the historic agreement to normalize relations between the two important countries in the Middle East.


wfdb president yodam dvash
Credit: WFDB

Dvash said that he congratulates all of the parties involved in bringing about this important strategic agreement – Prime Minister Netanyahu, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and the President of the United States Donald Trump. “The UAE is an important member of the global diamond industry and Dubai is one of the world’s largest diamond capitals. I have had the privilege of visiting Dubai for WFDB meetings and of hosting the President of the Dubai Diamond Exchange in Israel. This agreement will open up a huge horizon for economic cooperation between the two countries. It is an important message of peace for the citizens of Israel and the Middle East,” said Dvash.


Credit: Naufal MQ



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