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British Designer Creates “Hidden Diamonds” Ring Collection

The “Inverse Collection” is aimed at women who buy jewelry for themselves
engagement rings hidden diamonds
Credit: Jenny Sweetnam

Jenny Sweetnam, a British designer based in Hatton Garden, London, has created a uniquely different jewelry collection: aptly dubbed the “Inverse Collection”, the pieces feature “hidden” diamonds that become visible only when the wearer opens them up.


engagement rings hidden diamonds
Credit: Jenny Sweetnam


According to IDEX Online, the “Unseen Diamond Ring”, for example, is “a circle shaped silhouette that functions like a box, coming apart with an inner and outer wall to reveal a hollow space with a tension-set diamond within”. The $4,600 ring features a solitary diamond weighing 0.035 carats. The Silent Diamond Ring, priced at $4,800, “has a rectangular 0.16-carat VS gem hidden inside a small removable section of the band”.


Hatton Garden, also known as London's diamond district
Credit: Nando Machado /


According to Sweetnam, “Diamonds are hidden from view . . . designed for the intrigue and power of the wearer – a modern bride or a woman buying for herself […] the stone is not the focus, it is not seen at all in the piece unless the wearer chooses to invert and position of the ring to reveal the stones.”

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