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Chaumet Unveils a New Diamond Cut with 88 Facets

The diamond cut features in the jeweler's new jewelry line
Empress diamond cut chaumet
Credit: chaumet

Jewelry and watchmaking brand Chaumet has unveiled the Taille Impératrice (“Empress-cut” in French) – a new diamond cut with 88-facets, Rough & Polished reports.


Empress cut diamond chaumet
Credit: chaumet


According to Chaumet’s website, the hexagon-shaped Empress Cut “brings out the exceptional brilliance and fire in these diamonds. Unique stones that light up new radiant Bee My Love creations, now more precious than ever.”



Cartier Chaumet Jewelry stores
Credit: IR Stone /

Chaumet’s Bee My Love jewelry line features rings, necklaces, and bracelets decorated with diamonds, and is inspired by the bee – “which is not only an iconic emblem of the house but also a symbol of eternity and royalty.”

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